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Durable. Stylish. Affordable.

About the studio

  • Will's Websites is a design and web development studio run by Will McLean.
  • We are based in Wamberal, on the Central Coast of NSW.

About the service

  • We provide boutique websites.
  • Our design partner is Always Studio, also based on the Central Coast.
  • We are always happy to work on projects with other designers or studios.

About the pricing & workflow

  • In most cases our websites fall somewhere between $3600 and $7200.
  • In most cases our websites take somewhere between 5 and 10 days.
  • We quote and charge in blocks of time rather than providing a cost per feature, allowing for more flexibility in the brief and solution.
  • We attempt to work at your place of business for a large portion of the project.

About the technology

  • We are a JAMstack studio.
  • All our sites use Gatsby, a React based Static Site Generator.
  • As a CMS for small sites we use Netlify CMS.
  • As a CMS for medium to large size sites we use Contentful.
  • We can work with your preferred choice of headless CMS, bearing in mind some are better suited to Gatsby than others.
  • We host our sites for free on Netlify
  • We can takeover legacy code and will develop a plan for this upon request.
  • We can work with WordPress if necessary, though free hosting does not apply.

Durable. Stylish. Affordable.